Why a blog about Food & Nutrition for Backpackers?

Source: Milenka Palacios Chávez

If we search for information about “Backpackers” in Google, we find a wide variety of links about Hostels, Restaurants and maybe even about tours or touristic places recommended for them; however, none of these web pages is about the importance of the Food & Nutrition that they should have. Hence, there comes up the idea of creating a blog, which offers them this reliable information.

It’s true that most of the backpackers are young people between 18 and 25 years old, very healthy and with the necessary potential to be active 24 hours a day living new adventures in the country they are visiting (in this case, Peru). However, frequently they give little attention to their food, because of varied reasons; because of the lack of proper restaurants in their touristic destinations, or because of the lack of familiarity with the seasoning of the place’s food, or simply because they ignore native products’ nutritional values to fix their own meals when travelling or going out of the populated centers.

Also, as well as the body asks for food everyday, the fact of not choosing it correctly (even for a couple of months) can develop side effects later. It is like a new product that you have just bought; it is in total optimal conditions, and if you take care of it, it can last years; otherwise, it stops working. In the same way, people, although they don’t maintain a healthy life, they seem to be healthy. Nevertheless, as years pass by, the consequences of these disorders take place, causing variations in weight, stomachache, loss of appetite, etc.

Moreover, it is pretty common to hear that tourists, in countries such as Peru, usually suffer from diarrhea because of the lack of hygiene during the preparation of food, leading to the transmission of diseases through food. For that reason, it becomes relevant to get to know more about some preventive measures of hygiene. Also, in case a person presents diarrhea, it is essential to know about its treatment in order not to worsen the symptoms or end up affecting our health, in general.

Furthermore, it is really interesting how easy backpackers get to know the unknown, try to eat what they have never eaten before, and to learn what was unknown before. All this helps them adapt better to the costumes and typical food of the place where they go. Nevertheless, there is always some kind of  food which is missed the most from home, specially the famous coffee and the sausages, which, for some reason, taste different as at home. However, they are the most prone to affect our health in a long term.

Finally, as we know, backpackers tend to spend the day out trekking whether within the city or in up-and-down surfaces, coming back home at night just to sleep. Having this in mind, the bringing of food in their bags can turn into a very well chosen alternative, so that they don’t have to interrupt the sightseeing in case there are no cheap nor recommendable restaurants during the road. For this reason, it is important to recognize what kind of food is recommended for this level of physical activity, which gives us a balance of energy and macronutrients necessary for the optimal functioning of our bodies.



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