Why shouldn’t we long for our country’s sausages?

Harmful effects of Sausages on Human Health

In May2010, ateam from the Harvard University School of Public Health in theUnited Statescompiled and analyzed 20 studies, which were carried out among 10 countries on around one million people about the influence of the consumption of processed meat (sausages) on Human Health, concluding that it may increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

In these studies, it was discovered that a daily consumption of50 gramsof sausages, same amount as three thin slices of jam, 20 very thin slices of minisalami or three mini hotdogs, increases the risk of getting heart disease in 42% and the risk of getting diabetes in 19%. This is due to the high content of cholesterol, saturated fats, salt and preservatives present on the sausages. Nevertheless, these last two components make the difference from any other food rich in cholesterol and saturated fats.


Equivalent to 50 grams of sausages

Source: Milenka Palacios Chávez

In this sense, a high consumption of salts from the sausages can increase the levels of sodium in our body and tends to increase blood pressure in some vulnerable people. If this happens, arteries can get easily damaged and blood flow to the heart can turn even harder, leading in a long term to a heart attack.

Furthermore, regarding the preservatives, in this case the nitrates, it has been observed in studies with animals that they can promote the formation of fatty plaques within the arteries and thus, reduce the glucose tolerance, leading to heart problems and diabetes. (For more information about Diabetes, click on: http://www.diabetes.org/diabetes-basics/type-2/).

Finally, it is important to mention that the British Magazine of Cancer found that a daily consumption of50 gramsof processed meat increases the risk of developing pancreatic cancer in 19%. Because of that it is recommended to eat no more than70 gramsa day between red meat and sausages. However, it is still necessary to confirm whether the association is clearly linked to the consumption of sausages or to external factors such as obesity, which may have influence on this matter.



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